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Ruminations on Greece's Sovereign Debt Crisis

Ruminations on Greece's sovereign debt crisis. This video was recorded two months ago. There have been some pertinent developments since then.

The full forensic analysis of the insurance short candidate as well as several US REITs that we are investigating will be released within 24 hours. For those who are not familiar with me, please visit "Who Is Reggie Middleton?"

The latest Regge Middleton comments, opinion and analysis on this topic...

  1. The Real Estate Recession/Depression is Here, Eurocalypse Style
  2. Goldman, et. al. Suffer From The Same Malady That Collapsed
    Lehman and MF Global, Worlds 1st and 8th Largest Bankruptcies!
  3. What Is More Valuable, The Opinion Of A Major Rating Agency Or
    The Opinion Of A Blog? Go Ahead, I DARE You To Answer!
  4. So, Now The Rating Agencies Want To Acknowledge The Existence Of The FrankenFinance Monster???
  5. ????10 yr Italian Yields Sitting On Support After Monster Rally
  6. You Can Rest Assured That The Insurance Industry Is In For Guaranteed Losses!
  7. Yes, The BoomBustBlog Forecast Pan-European Bank Run Has Breached American Soil!!!
  8. Watch The Pandemic Bank Flu Spread From Italy To France To Spain: To Big Not To Fail!!! 


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